Overview of Intervention Services

Substance abuse disorders inflict an abundance of pain on an individual effected as well as his or her family members and friends. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) states that over 90 percent of individuals agree to receive help for the disorder when an intervention is done with a trained and experienced professional. However, interventions always have the possibility to not accomplish the mission, but when done correctly most are successful. In the case that an intervention does not accomplish its goal at the initial approach, the gathering usually sets the option and opportunity in place for an individual to ask for help when he or she feels ready.

Effectiveness of Intervention

Individuals controlled by the disease of addiction generally will not seek help or treatment. Due to an individual’s inability to see the negative effects of addiction, an intervention may result in a saved life. General consequences faced by people affected with substance use disorders are incarceration and psychiatric institutions if not fatality. These repercussions definitely seem frightening and unpromising, yet the people living with the disorders are unable to quit using substances. An intervention can serve as an educational meeting on addiction for both parties while backed with compassion, love and concern from the professional, family members and friends. In order for an individual to willingly receive treatment, it is imperative that he or she understand that addiction is a mental disorder and that judgement is not a factor in the situation. If someone you love struggles with addiction, stressing your desire and need to help them will imbed hope for a better life. For an individual to have a stable support system, available treatment and the ability to develop new coping skills is vital to overcome any substance use disorder.

Should I Contact a Professional Interventionist?

Yes. The purpose of an intervention when confronting a person, you care about impacted by addiction is to bring to light his or her need for help. Often times, without professional assistance a family led intervention creates more difficulty in a situation. Increased difficulty arises because the individual personally living with addiction likely experiences heightened sensitivity toward friends and family; interaction with loved ones often brings out feelings of shame and fear. Interventionists are licensed and certified professionals who specialize in addiction and in addressing its complexities. A professional qualifies from an extensive amount of training and experience in areas of communication, such as conflict resolution, de-escalation of situations and motivational interviewing.

Intervention Can Help

The depth of impact substance use disorder has on individuals and their families is unfortunate. Fortunately, staging an intervention that has professional direction and planning can reunite individuals with their families. Having the right people plan and participate during an intervention is critical to its success. Substance use disorder consequently results in people being incarcerated, institutionalized and often times the disorder will cause fatality. Even though the disorder causes unpromising consequences, there is hope and a solution to help save your loved one’s life. If someone dear to you struggles with a substance use disorder, please wait no longer. Call and speak to an intervention and addiction specialist today (458) 214-8040.