After recovering from my B.A. program, I found myself in a situation that was uncommon from many young people around me. I was not ecstatic; I did not feel accomplished; I was not full of life. Actually, at this time I was very much broken. I suffered the effects of post traumatic stress disorder that […]

The U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, has recently said the government has promised to make $13 billion available for “prevention and treatment to combat the crisis and mental illness in the United States. The money is expected to be distributed over six years beginning in 2018,” according to Record Herald, people […]

Governments being led by the state Department of Health are joining a national initiative to file lawsuits claiming that drug companies have overwhelmed taxpayers with huge medical and law enforcement costs by essentially facilitating opioid addicts. It’s been reported that thirteen sheriffs have also filed suits against the manufacturers and distributors, along with most of […]

From neighborhood barbecues, to high-class gatherings, and quite literally everything in between, an alcoholic beverage of some kind is featured. People enjoy these beverages at the end of a long day, with friends and strangers as an ice breaker, and we even fought our own government over their outlawing of the substance. To say that […]

When it comes to our modern world, news and movements on social media mostly represent the here and now. This past year has proven to be quite a banner year for exposure to sinful acts in Hollywood. Actions taken to uncover the extensive history of sexual misconduct seemingly cannot be fully quantified, considering that millions […]

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