Drug Rehab

Rehab for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is known in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-5 as substance use disorder. Substance use disorder dictates the lives of people around the world. Fortunately, science and research has uncovered a range of treatment methods that effectively treat the disorder. Reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an estimated, 43.8 percent of citizens in the United States of age 18 years and older used illicit drugs in the previous month.

Substance use disorder treatments are accessible and carefully tailored to meet a person where they are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. A person’s needs must be evaluated in detail in order to receive the attention and care they need, rendering absolute transparency essential. The evaluation consists of the fine details of drug use patterns and psychiatric history as well as social, medical and any co-occurring disorders. Additional details that usually come into question for evaluation are any childhood till present traumatic events and family issues. Our ability to offer successful and life-long treatment from substance use disorder is based off of our quality of care that addressed nearly all complexities that tie into the disorder.

Treating Drug Addiction

Anguish felt by the disorder of substance use interrupts a person’s ability to positively engage and exist in society. Drug use also causes severe health hazards. Substance use disorder disturbs a person’s peace of mind and overall security; it does this by altering chemicals in the brain that are connected to the limbic system (the reward circuit). Once drug use has altered a person’s brain, the progression of drug use will only increase; increased use ultimately results in further brain damage.

Rehabilitation for substance use disorders allow anyone living in active addiction to find their way back into every community. When a person comes to treatment for addiction its common that they are struggling with extreme mental, emotional, physical distress. Getting treatment in rehab supports each stage of healing needed to obtain recovery. Upon arrival to treatment an evaluation will take place, in order to determine the length of time you will need to complete the detoxification and physical withdrawal process. After detox, you will transition to a residential treatment community; otherwise referred to as inpatient treatment.

While in the residential treatment community, reoccurring assessments will take place to ensure your recovery and progress in healing from addiction is going smoothly. The occasional assessments will be completed by licensed and experienced medical professionals, who also determine what types of treatment methods will be received based on details and aspects of a person’s life and addiction history. Drug rehab supports your recovery by providing assistance and supervision from medical professional for your entire stay. Assistance and supervision is crucial for assurance of an individual’s continuing progression and growth while maintaining abstinence from substances and preventing relapses.

Discover Personal Recovery from Addiction

Substance use disorders change how a person perceives the world and everyone in it. The disorder debilitates a person from making their own decisions and living a life that is wanted. Being debilitated by substance use disorder does not have to last forever. Thanks to scientific research, a multitude of treatments are now offered to help you get your life back. Getting off of drugs and maintaining abstinence may seem baffling, however we urge you not to shy away out of fear. Drug rehab provides all the support and understanding you will need to move on from the disorder and discover yourself in a life of recovery.  If you are from Portland, Oregon, call now at (458) 214-8040.