Factors of Addiction: Past Neglect

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Addiction Rehab Hope Treatment Center

The death of the famous actor –comedian Robin Williams highlights the importance raising awareness and educating about psychological health issues and addiction. The experiences of childhood and some factors can play a vital role in developing addiction. Growing up with an alcoholic or substance abuse parent or a relative have an effect to an individual‘s future behavior, as can being the victim of child Childhood Emotional neglect is one of the category of child abuse, and it something that we see every day in our addiction treatment recovery center.

What is Emotional Neglect?

Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) happens when a parent fail to provide the child’s emotional needs. It may not be as obvious as physical abuse, but this has a big impact on the child’s emotional well-being. It is a still a form of abuse though is frequently not addressed. According to Addiction Rehab Hope Treatment Center, this could be a child who is taught to keep his/her thoughts and feelings to themselves or it could be a child who can rarely have contact with his or her parents.

Children who suffer from CEN have learned that they must keep their feelings and emotions secret, no matter it is light or heavy. They often yearn for attention, but they don’t know to do about it. Other children may not show outward indications of neglect, and used to present a competent face to the outside world, and sometimes taking the role of parent. But then again, at the end of the day, these children are not receiving their emotional needs. At Addiction Rehab Hope Treatment Center, we help locate treatment programs for addiction that focus on the struggles of children who have an alcoholic or drug abusing parent.

Risk Factors for Child and Neglect

CEN happens in all types of families- even in those that look happy from the outside- the children are tat a greater risk in certain conditions. Fortunately, these issues can be address in many addiction treatment recovery centers.

  • Domestic Violence. As you may observe, domestic violence is extremely terrifying to children and emotionally abusive. This can bring trauma to the child even if the mother does her best to protect their children.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Growing up with an alcohol or an addict is a very tough for children and easily gets to abuse and neglect. It is because parents who are drunkards or high are incapable of caring their children.
  • Untreated mental Illness. Parents who are suffering from a certain psychological condition such as depression, bipolar or anxiety disorder or any other mental illness have trouble taking care of themselves as well as their children. Parents may be distant and sometimes withdraw their anger to their children.

Recovering from CEN

Fortunately, Addiction Rehab Hope Treatment Center helps you find a place to move on and let go of the things that make your childhood memory so bad. You can learn to love yourself but it takes time to heal the scars. It takes effort and it may be painful, but recovery from addiction carries important rewards that are worth it. It may mean touching on tough parts of your past, and learning how to deal with feelings or emotions in a healthy way as you go through addiction treatment recovery rehab. This can set the help you to clear your addiction and have a better off life for you and your relationships.

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