Rehabilitation in light of Recent Sexual Harassment Claims

Posted: February 15, 2018 by in Addiction Rehab Hope Treatment Center

When it comes to our modern world, news and movements on social media mostly represent the here and now. This past year has proven to be quite a banner year for exposure to sinful acts in Hollywood. Actions taken to uncover the extensive history of sexual misconduct seemingly cannot be fully quantified, considering that millions of women and champions of sexual assault victims have rallied together to disrupt the system of corruption.

With accusations being levied upon many different male celebrities since the onset of the Weinstein Scandal, this tirade of social justice has impacted countless lives for better or worse. More news on this subject breaks on a daily basis, meaning that it will be a topic for weeks, or even months to come. If this movement in the entertainment world is to signal positive social change, then perhaps such should reflect how we should tackle issues in our own homes.

But these issues could be much different than sexual problems, especially since people may be less inclined to go after their close relatives in a manner resembling a witch hunt. Tenderness, care, and compassion are basic tools families can implement to help addicted parents, siblings, children, etc. start their path toward soberness. And in these cases, addictions could include alcoholism, dependency on illegal drugs, or tobacco or marijuana usage.

However, one may choose to enact an intervention, at some point. 12-step Recovery Programs typically open their methods with this exact step, with some using the word “unmanageable” to denote an addict’s power over their own life. Once such truths are mutually understood, then action could be taken after emotions and thoughts have been collected.

However, religious and/or spiritually-oriented addiction recovery programs, the likes of which often include 12-step methods, may be not suitable for every group of people. For those looking for a medically-based, secular option in the Western United States, a service organization exists to the end of delivering a rehab experience which is both comfortable and safe. With recovery residences located in Scottsdale, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and Portland, OR, A Better Today Recovery Services acts in accordance with their mission to “saving lives and healing families.”

Rehab in a consolidated, centralized location may not be the necessary step for all families to take; some may prefer to take a more safeguarded, family-focused recovery path. Such would provide chances for a recovering addict to maintain their regular life while undergoing a rigorous path to change. For those who choose to help their loved ones by getting them admitted into one of these facilities, though, A Better Today prides themselves on delivering an experience that feels as much like a functional home as a medical establishment ever could.

After all, A Better Today states that
“To be recognized worldwide as the industry leading substance abuse treatment center providing our clients with a safe and comfortable environment for treatment, evidence based treatment methods proven to be effective, and employees and staff that genuinely cares at an affordable cost….[A Better Today] realizes that there isn’t a one treatment fits all approach to recovery. That is why we have many treatment strategies that have been proven to work. You can partake in equine, music, art, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, individual, group and family therapy during your period of treatment. Some or all of these therapies are available depending on the location that you choose. Experienced Treatment Consultants can help you decide which location will be the best suited for your individual needs.”

Those who are more curious about what this organization offers can visit their main site here. Admitting their loved ones into such a facility could be the next step one might need to take in order to avoid an absolutely disastrous intervention, one that certainly many sex-crazed Hollywood industry workers may be facing at this time. It may not be ideal, but making this decision could be the most empathetic and loving one.

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