Star Olympian Swimmer, Michael Phelps being charged for DUI

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From very young age, Michael Phelps is already a world famous swimmer due to his amazing Olympic achievements. The American athlete has a total of 22 medals. He also holds the all-time record for Olympics gold medals. Unfortunately, in recent years he has made several headlines for his alcohol and substance abuse including an earlier DUI and a photograph of him with a water pipe, which is used for smoking tobacco or marijuana. He was caught by the police driving nearly double the speed limit. His reckless behavior may be in response to the considerable amount of stress and anxiety that professional athletes face.

Stress/Anxiety and Professional Athletes

Everyone has stress, and athletes are no exception. Professional athletes face a great amount of stress and tension from various places including the daily training and competition anxiety. The pressures to win, challenging schedules, the stress of the superstar spotlight, etc. all add up. Anxiety and stress are credible triggers for substance use. Sport superstars are pretty much driven by the same reasons to use drugs and are no different from everyday people when they battle substance abuse and dependence.

It is imperative to manage both the anxiety and stress levels for the recovering addict. Long term sobriety achievements focus on both drug and alcohol recovery as a way of life. The counseling, stress management, relapse prevention methods and even dual diagnosis treatment help users experiencing stress-related drug abuse issues.

The clients are guided by life coaches that shape their lives driven by healthy-balance behavior. Drug-free lifestyles incorporate stress-reducing exercises and techniques that progress a serene way of life. Stress management methods are taught in rehab and recovery to give patients different methods for successfully living with stress. These methods may incorporate everything from eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising, meditating, practicing consistent journaling. In addition, clients give relapse prevention techniques a test drive. They find which techniques work for them. Various strategies include:  specific hobbies or activities designed to stay away from destructive drug abuse triggers (including anxiety and stress), support groups, and post-rehab counseling.

Encountering anxiety is different from having an anxiety disorder. People who have been diagnosed with anxiety issues undergo dual diagnosis treatments in facilities found with the help of Addiction Recovery Rehabilitation Center. Treatment should effectively treat both the anxiety disorder and drug addiction at the same time for the best results.

In the event that Michael Phelps battles with substance use because of his high levels of stress and anxiety, there are drug and alcohol rehab programs that could help him manage life more effectively.


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